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Do You Have Enough Money Coming In?

Do You Have Enough Money Coming In?

Do you know the #1 reason a business doesn’t bring in enough money?

It’s usually not because something’s wrong with the product or service or even the delivery. It’s because the business isn’t getting in front of enough of the right kind of people.

Are You Gambling with the Life of Your Business?

Are You Gambling with the Life of Your Business?

I hope that title got your attention, because I’m serious. I am seeing way too many people gambling with the life of their business, and it worries me.

Finding – and Keeping! – Great People

Finding and Keeping Great People

People are talking a lot right now about the Great Resignation. Everyone I know is losing people or worried about losing people, and everyone agrees that it’s harder than ever to hire.

Has Your Business Become a Burden?

Man carrying boulder on his back.

I’ve heard from several people recently that they’re reevaluating their business. They don’t mean they’re reconsidering how they run their business but whether they should be running a business at all.

Is a Franchise Worth It?

stacking blocks

I hope that title caught your attention. That’s not exactly how people put it when they ask me about franchises; they like to word it more politely: Does owning a franchise increase your odds of success in business? What they really want to know, though, is Is a franchise worth it?

Qualities of Great Leaders

view of ocean from boat

When I served in the Air Force, I worked on aircraft armament systems. I was responsible for loading bombs on B-52s and missiles on F-15 and for making sure that the electrical systems on those aircraft worked so that the bombs and missiles would launch when they were supposed to. It was a serious job, and I didn’t know how to do it when I entered the Air Force. I learned how.

5 Steps to Free Yourself from Your Business

business men in a line, one of them with a cap is flying up

I was recently reading a book about building a business, not a job. The point the author wanted to make in using those words—business vs. job—is that a lot of businesses are dependent on the owner to be there, which makes the owner a prisoner to their business.

Welcome to the Jim Roman Show!

welcome to the jim roman show

I'm always looking for innovative ways to reach people based on the different ways they learn. If you've been following me, you know I have a blog and a YouTube channel and that I've gone live on Facebook.

Now I'm thrilled to announce my podcast: The Jim Roman Show.

Books with a Bang - Jim’s Recommended Reading List

pile of books

Upwards of 11,000 business books are published every year, and there are hundreds of thousands of business books in print. Sometimes it feels like I’ve read them all.

The Three Keys to Succeeding in Business

signs with lightbulb, key, and success written on it

People are frustrated these days. I’ve had more than the usual number of people ask me what it takes to be successful in business and how you increase your odds to be successful. I get it: We’ve been living in an unpredictable world, and a lot of owners and managers—especially in the small business world—feel like they’re behind the eight ball.



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