Specialties: Strategic and Tactical growth for Membership Organizations, Business Management & Development


The Recharge Challenge Revisited

A lot has happened since December 2019 when I wrote Take the Recharge Challenge about husband-and-wife clients of mine who were learning to take time for themselves without feeling (too) guilty about it.

Are You Stretched Too Thin?

Are you a property manager juggling properties and problems? A parent trying to find balance between work and home? A business owner who is overcommitted?

Get Your Networks Back to Networking

I talked to two different clients last week who lamented that no one is networking anymore. They’re feeling the loss: not just the business they get from having a strong networking and referral system but the social aspects too. Getting in a room with businesspeople who face the same challenges you do. Celebrating wins with each other. Learning together.

Do You Have a Wingman? Getting Your #2 to Think Like #1

Does this describe you? Your business is growing and you have a great team in place—but you’re working harder than ever. You’re still struggling to free yourself from your business, despite reaching your goals.

Beyond Broke and Really Broke: The 9 Stages of Business "Ownership"

Way back when I started my first business (which was not, in fact, when dinosaurs roamed the land; it was just after that), I thought there were only two stages to running a business: You were either broke, or you were really broke.

Find Time by Saving Time

One of the questions I get asked all the time is, “How do I bring in more business?” Right behind that is, “How do I get it all done?” Those are related, of course: If you’re bringing in more business, you’ll have more work that has to get done. And unless you want a reputation problem on your hands, you have to find a way to get that additional work done with the same exceptional level of quality.

Letting Go to Grow

I was talking to one of my clients the other day, the owner of an IT business who recently lost both of his employees and is having to work crazy hours because of it. He knows he needs to replace them, but he wants to make sure he does it right.

Success in Challenging Times: A Client’s Story

I’ve been writing a lot about how to keep going and growing in spite of the COVID-19 crisis: what I’m doing (How Will I Make Money?), what I recommend to my clients (Be a Victor, Not a Victim; Are You Ready to Reopen?) and other ways that you can tackle the challenges we’re all facing (Succeed—and Stay Sane—While Working from Home; Finding Clarity in Chaos).

Are You Ready to Reopen?

There’s been a lot of talk in the news about states getting ready to reopen, so it’s not surprising there’s a lot of talk about it in networking groups and among my friends, too. I’m hearing a lot of questions and concerns about what will happen when people start moving around more and what businesses can and should be doing to prepare.

Routine: Your Secret Weapon

Many of us are well more than a month into social distancing and stay-at-home orders. We’re past that first, shocking disruption to our lives and our businesses, and we’re starting to find a rhythm. But I’m noticing that something is still off for many people I talk to.



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