Specialties: Strategic and Tactical growth for Membership Organizations, Business Management & Development

Jim Roman, the founder and CEO of Association Leadership Institute (ALI), is a highly respected Business Development expert who specializes in helping Associations to increase the VALUE of their membership so that they can GROW their membership numbers.

Jim understands the struggles an association faces as they seek to portray their value in an overcrowded market. He is well known for his role in building a regional membership organization from zero to 1600 members in a few short years, in a market that had never heard of his organization.

Jim has since then been consulting with Association Executives on how they can achieve the same kind of growth. He does this not by having them SELL more, but by increasing their VALUE to the members so that they become “Indispensable.” He likes to say, “It’s not about how many people you sell, but rather how many people you serve.”

Jim has worked with Associations such as NARPM®, ACEC, VSAE, VNLA, IREM, Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce and BNI to name a few.

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You have probably invested a lot of time and money into creating a strategic plan for your Association. A Strategic Plan is critical for your organization's success, but it is worthless if it is not embraced by your team and implemented. We will conduct a review of your Strategic Plan to determine the priorities and assist in the process of getting your team to implement them.

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Managing your board can often feel like herding cats. Getting everyone on the same page can be difficult. Associations have a lot of moving pieces that contribute to their success, but nothing is more important than having an effective board. We can help you put together a comprehensive plan that will increase your communication effectiveness, align goals, and successfully carry out the strategic initiatives of your organization.

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Would you like for your members to RAVE about you? We have found that there are five key areas that an Association should consider in an effort to maximize their members' membership. During this training, we focus on the ins and outs of effective programs, how to run effective meetings and attract more volunteers. We will also help you establish an effective Ambassador program for your Association and identify the NEEDS and WANTS of your members.

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Jim knows the feeling of being told "NO" a thousand times in hopes of getting the next "Yes". He also knows the toll that it can take, not only physically but also mentally, after going broke and homeless. He discovered that there is a formula to developing relationships that lead to revenue, and specific techniques to make meaningful connections, that will allow you to eliminate cold calls and build your business through relationships.

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Do you know why members join your association, or why they stay? Have you ever wondered why some members engage while others disengage? The answers may not be what you think. Knowing what members require and desire, and giving them what they need and want, will help recruit and retain members and turn them into raving fans. Your organization will become indispensable.

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An Association can go through many challenges when there is a transition in leadership. Whether the transition occurs due to an unexpected vacancy on the staff or board, or the anticipated transition of a long-tenured leader, having a plan in place can minimize the disruption of the Association’s operations. We help you to identify current and future challenges, while assessing the leadership skills and qualities that are needed to navigate the challenges successfully.

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